My Art Statement


Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. My work is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that I have about the world I live in. I feel that painting is a means to capture the human spirit.

Recognizing my interest and abilities at an early age, I was enrolled in art classes throughout my childhood and adolescence. This exposed me to many different forms of visual art. I work on abstracts, figures, portraits, nature and landscape.


I adept in various techniques and using colors on canvas and papers. I have a firm understanding of visual concepts such as color theory, drawing, design and composition that assist me in managing my artworks across a variety of subjects. Although I participated in numerous other activities, art was the only thing I never wanted to quit.

My art is my voice - a powerful interpretation of my deepest thoughts, hidden emotions, and strongest desires. The artworks I create are coined from perceptual experiences, perceptions, and interests. I love using drawing and painting to tell a story about what I feel, experience and understand in the world. These ideas and experiences are better perceived through drawings rather than through words. As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists in creation.

Part of my process before I begin painting is to think about all the steps that I do in my work. In every finished work I try to breathe life into the mind or hidden feeling in it so that design, ideas, and innovation are displayed on my canvas.

I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or concept. My works are free forms of painting with drawing, watercolor, acrylics and mixed media. However, my preference is watercolor on canvas and acrylic. My watercolor works are executed in hues of brilliant color and movement. To me, Color is a non-verbal method of communication. I love abstract art for its liberating effects and its capacity to move me at a conscious level. I like to engage in an idea, and then work it to a conclusion that seems to have a certainty about it. My artworks are exhibited nationally and internationally in various solo or group exhibitions. I allow the viewers to have their own interpretations of my abstract works where they may also see what might be the hidden messages behind the surface.


Mary Dafeiyan